- Print on the polyester,nylon and other fabrics with adhesive for computer generated micro dot,
   motif, all over, smog design.
- width : 1130mm, 1500mm
- length : 3000M(1130mm), 2400M(1500mm), 1200M(special color)
- color : single(gold,silver,royal blue,green,pink,brown,titanium)
              Multi color
  Graphic Foils are specifically designed for excellent coverage of various surfaces. They are superior
on sharp detail and have excellent durability and brightness.
Foils can be used on most types of vertical, platen, and cylinder machines.
- width : 640mm~1320mm
- length : 120M~6000M
- color : single(gold,silver,royal blue,green,pink,brown,titanium)
  Plastic Foils offer overstamping capability, high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance,
and easy release characteristics for quality plastics decoration.