In todays screen printing industry, fewer people use high-cost photographic imagesetters and photosensitized films to produce screen positives as they are rapidly being replaced by much cheaper piezo-headed inkjet printers and inkjet films. With a RIP software combined to the water-based inkjet printer, you can not only convert vector images into ready-to-print bitmap images but also control ink deposit or halftone shapes right from a desktop computer for high-quality CMYK positives.

Piezo-headed inkjet printers combined with RIPs are supplied in many advanced models by Epson and other major printer suppliers such as Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland. Aqueous based inks as well, pigment or dye, are easily available off the shelf. The only question left is how to choose among the many types and grades of inkjet films out in the market the right ones that will bring you the best values: clear images and texts with sharp lines, heavy ink loads but instant drying after printing, bleed or water resistance and, most importantly, all these in a consistent and economic way.

Mirae P&Ds WiJet is the right and only answer to that question:

WiJet CI61
Water-resistant Inkjet Film for Pigment or Dye Based Ink

WiJet DX12
Double Matte Laserjet Film